A productive summer

As the students return and the teaching commences, it’s worthwhile to look back on the summer as one of productivity. Ph.D. students Sarah Westrick and Anne Sabol were busy doing field work on red squirrels in the Yukon and in Ohio on prairie voles, respectively. Post-doc Tricia Rubi has been busy collecting additional data on her project about the genomic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying mouse range expansion in Michigan. New post-doc Sarah Guindre-Parker (jointly supervised by Andrew McAdam at the University of Guelph) has officially joined the lab group. Finally, Abbie Bristol, an REU student at the University of Michigan Biological Station finished her undergraduate research project on the behavioral responses of mice to variation in predation risk.

My own summer has been productive in lots of field work, collection of new data, and watching new projects grow. It has been productive in the scholarly sense with 11 papers published, in press, or accepted! Writing these papers and working with colleagues on them has been a major highlight and learning experience of my summer.