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Dantzer Lab at #SICB2017

Multiple members of the Dantzer Lab will be presenting at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sarah Westrick will be giving an oral presentation about her work regarding the proximate causes and fitness consequences of variation in maternal care behavior in red squirrels. Freya van Kesteren will be giving a poster presentation about how maternal stress affects oxidative stress in offspring. Anne Sabol will be giving an oral presentation about some of her undergraduate research about animal personality and social networks in group-living cichlids. Ben will give an oral presentation on the consequences of hormonal pleiotropy on the co-evolution of performance and life history traits. Ben will also introduce and co-host a symposium about the causes of individual variation in social behavior.

Lab visitor from Italy!

It was great to host Francesca Santicchia in the Dantzer Lab from Sept-Nov. Francesca is an Italian Ph.D. student advised by Luc Wauters. Her work focuses on relationships among stress, parasites, and animal personality in the incomparable Eurasian red squirrel inhabiting the Italian alps. Francesca was here to carry out some laboratory analyses to measure stress hormone levels in Eurasian red squirrel fecal samples.

Summer is for reading, ‘riting, and research

This summer we are busy with fieldwork. Freya, Sarah, and Ben will be doing fieldwork in the Yukon with red squirrels. Ben is also doing fieldwork throughout Michigan on a new project on the physiology and behavior of mice. New Dantzer lab student Anne Sabol is in Chile as a part of an NSF REU experience on degu social behavior. Summer is also for reading and writing grants but let’s spare those details.

Summer Field Research Positions Available

I am looking for undergraduate or postgraduate students (at UM or anywhere in the world!) to participate in my summer field research. This can involve working on red squirrels in the Yukon as a part of the Kluane Red Squirrel Project, studying wild mice in Michigan, prairie voles in Ohio, or assisting with my laboratory research at UM in Ann Arbor. Please contact Ben if you are interested.

Dantzer Lab Photo from Fall 2015

Above is the Dantzer Lab Photo for Fall 2015. We are all imitating the posture of our favorite animal (squirrels).

From Left to Right: Sam Bower, Abigail Vallie, Travis Bautista, Zainab Almusawi, Anam Khan, Sarah Westrick, Ben Dantzer, Freya van Kesteren, Erica DesJardins, Bailey Balinski, and Meg Ryan. Not pictured are Ani Annadata and Brittany Tang.