#DantzerLab at SICB 2019!

Almost the entire Dantzer Lab was at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology in Tampa, FL in January of 2019. It was a meeting of big accomplishments for all the lab members. Tricia, Mena, Matt, and Charlotte attended their first SICB while Sarah Westrick, Sarah Guindre-Parker, and I kept up her habitual attendance. Matt and Sarah Westrick presented their posters on their projects related to red squirrel behavior and physiology while Sarah Guindre-Parker did a talk on her work about endocrine plasticity in red squirrels and its fitness consequences. Both Tricia and Charlotte gave talks on their work on the behavior and epigenetics associated with a range expansion of white-footed mice in the Great Lakes Region. Ben received the Bartholomew Award¬†and gave a plenary lecture as well as a talk in a special symposium about the “stress phenotype”. We all had a great time!