Integrative Behavioral Ecology Discussion Group Xtreme (iBEX)

Each semester we coordinate a reading/discussion group that meets approximately bi-weekly for paper discussions or informal talks about behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology, physiological ecology, neuroscience, etc. One specific goal is to provide a venue for people to discuss what they are actively working on and get feedback. This includes graduate students, post-docs, and faculty.

By adding ‘integrative’ to behavioral ecology, we hope to make this a group that studies the behavior of animals from an ‘whole-organism’ approach (so the mechanisms underlying the behavior) but at the same time addresses research questions in the evolutionary and ecological context of their study organism. We are open to any type of talk with behavioral ecology/animal behavior in it even if it isn’t ‘integrative’! If you are interested in attending, please contact Ben.


iBEX Schedule for Fall 2017

All talks held on Monday’s from 2-3 PM in 3021 East Hall.

Paper or Talk Title
Sept 18 Redfern et al. (2017) Phys. & Behav. Sarah Westrick
Oct 2 Lonin et al. (2017) PNAS Ben Dantzer
Oct 16  Fall Break – no meeting
Oct 30  Grieneisen et al. (2017) ICB Anne Sabol
Nov 13  Fox et al. 2017 Nature Ecology & Evolution  Ben Dantzer
Nov 27  Bebbington et al. 2017 PNAS  Ben Dantzer
Dec 11  Bosse et al. 2017 Science  Ben Dantzer


iBEX Schedule for Fall 2016

All talks held on Friday’s from 1-2 PM in 3141 Kraus.

Paper or Talk Title
Sept 30 Canestrelli et al. (2016) TREE Ben Dantzer
Oct 14 Greggor et al. (2016) Anim. Behav. Ben Dantzer
Oct 28 Klofstad et al. (2016) Amer. Scientist Morgan Gustison
Nov 11 TBD Katherine Crocker
Nov 18 Johnson & Dunbar (2016) Scientific Reports Jacinta Beehner & Thore Bergman
Dec 9 Anti-predator behavior in snake mimicry systems Alison Davis Rabosky & Talia Moore


iBEX Schedule for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

All talks held on Friday’s from 3-4 PM in 3021 East Hall.

Paper or Talk Title
Nov 20 Feedbacks between animal ornaments and hormones Liz Tibbetts
Dec 4 Economic benefits of complex signals Tricia Rubi
Dec 18 Can habitat differences associated with latitudinal gradients affect maternal hormone provisioning in wild crickets?  Katherine Crocker
Feb 26 Social endocrinology of competition and cooperation in spotted hyenas Tracy Montgomery
April 1 Birth seasonality and success in wild female geladas Jacinta Beehner & Elizabeth Johnson
April 15 Transgenerational effects of early life stress on animal personality Sarah Westrick
April 22 Proximate causes of red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) selective foraging in temperate conifer forests Victoria Cussen