John Paul Soriano, Ph.D. Student

John Paul is from Spanish Fort, Alabama. He graduated from The University of Alabama in 2021 with majors in Biology and Political Science. Rather than dissecting politicians, John Paul spent his time as an undergraduate student researching the learning mechanisms and social dynamics of a sex-changing hermaphroditic fish, the mangrove rivulus, with Dr. Ryan Earley.

John Paul joined the Dantzer Lab in 2021 to work with the Kluane Red Squirrel Project. His future research directions are open-ended, but he is currently interested in how phytohormones affect reproduction and the evolutionary dynamics between North American red squirrels and white spruce trees. Outside of research, John Paul loves learning new skills and spends much of his time fishing, practicing jiu jitsu, and hanging out with his cat, Eloise.

You can contact John Paul at jpws [at]