Lab at SICB Conference!

The Dantzer Lab was fully represented at the annual meeting of the Society for Comparative and Endocrinology in San Francisco. Anne presented a poster on some of the exciting results from her first field season studying the social behavior and microbiome of prairie voles. Sarah Westrick presented her latest findings about maternal stress and maternal care behaviors in red squirrels and their effects on offspring stress physiology and behavior. Sarah Guindre-Parker presented some of her fascinating dissertation research on the stress physiology of Superb Starlings (though she has assured us she is going to move to a hairy beast next year!). Ben presented the latest update about how variation in maternal stress levels impact offspring oxidative signaling and lifespan.

We had a great time including a conference bingo where participants get points for different activities (asking questions, posing as your study organism in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, doing Zumba, etc.) and a night of dim sum at the oldest dim sum restaurant in the USA!