Cam Venable, Post-doc

Sup, science friends! My name is Cameron Venable and I recently finished my PhD with Tracy Langkilde at The Pennsylvania State University. My dissertation focused on how a native predator behaviorally responded to an invasive prey, using fence lizards and fire ants, respectively. As a member of the Dantzer Lab, I will be working along some amazing scientist as part of the Kluane Red Squirrel Project. More specifically, I plan to examine how multiple stressors affect squirrels differently, how this can change behavior, affect offspring, and possible cascading trophic effects. Though as I am starting this new position, I have to keep in mind something that every scientist knows, things are always subject change! So, stay tuned for the fun science coming soon to a journal near you!

Some fun facts about Cam outside of science: 1) I love French Fries. Some people think they do, but I seriously find myself just thinking about them. 2) I once agreed to do research on an uninhabited island for 30 days. Up until that point, I had never been camping a day in my life. 3) One of my favorite stress relievers is cooking. Most of the time I just go to the store without a plan, grab random ingredients, and just see what the outcome is. . .  sometimes this doesn’t work in my favor.

Contact me at and Follow me on Twitter @CpvDoesScience!