Deb Ho, MS. Student

Deb is from the sunny island of Singapore over 9000 miles from Michigan. Deb joined the Dantzer Lab in January 2020 as an undergraduate research assistant. She worked closely with Dr. Matt Gaidica on developing bio-loggers that would record brain rhythms from wild animals. In April 2021, Deb completed an honors thesis, developing a data analysis pipeline for novel bio-logging tools.

Currently, Deb is pursuing an MS in Psychology with a concentration in Biopsychology. At this time, Deb is focusing on investigating the effects of maternal care and stress responses on the behavior of juvenile North American red squirrels. Deb hopes to continue her research journey into a Ph.D. program and pursue her interests in neuroethology.

Outside of academic work, Deb enjoys video games, photography, spending time outdoors, and dabbling in programming. Deb swam competitively and continues to train in her free time. Deb loves animals – some of her favorites include frogs, raccoons, rats, and sharks. Deb is the proud mom of a Syrian hamster named Peanut, and she hopes to own a Golden Retriever someday. 

You can reach Deb at debs [at]