Mena Davidson, Ph.D. Student

Mena working hard in the Yukon

Mena Davidson joined the Dantzer lab as a Ph.D. student in 2018. Mena is leading our efforts into understanding the causes of variation in social behavior in prairie voles. Mena carries out her field research on voles at the Ecology Research Center in Ohio.

Mena first became involved with research during her undergraduate career at Westminster College in Salt Lake City (2012-2015), where she investigated differences in insect communities over urbanization gradients. Since graduating college she has been plotting her return to school, counting insects and brine shrimp for the State of Utah, and training dogs with behavioral issues. When she is not in the field or at school, she is likely spending time with her dogs, hiking, socializing, or making them pose for pictures.

Follow Mena on Twitter @mena_davidson or contact her by email at
mkdavid (AT)