Zoë Goodrow, MSc. Student

Zoë joined the Dantzer lab as a masters student in the School for the Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) in 2017, where she will be studying behavior and ecology of red squirrels as a part of the Kluane Red Squirrel Project. She is currently most interested in questions about effects of changing environment conditions on animal behavior. In SEAS she studies conservation ecology. Zoë first became involved with research during her undergraduate career at the University of Michigan, where she investigated animal behavior as a result of environmental changes at the University of Michigan Biological Station. After she obtains her masters degree she plans to take some time exploring different field jobs before applying to PhD programs. When she is not in the field or at school, she is likely hiking, spending time with her dog, reading or writing. You can contact her by email at zgoodrow@umich.edu.