Community talks in the Yukon

Haines Junction is the “home” community for members of the Kluane Red Squirrel Project. It’s where we acquire fuel, food, and other resources, in addition to other necessities like shower or do laundry. We are lucky to have this welcoming community that also happens to have an interest in the work we do in Kluane. We often give public talks to the community about some of our research. This spring and summer we had a series of these community talks (“Science Nights”) that were highlighted some of the past and recent work on red squirrels, snowshoe hares, or lynx. Ben gave a talk in March 2017 at the beautiful Wanderer’s Inn Hostel about some of our red squirrel research on the consequences of maternal stress and Ph.D. student Sarah Westrick gave one at the Village Bakery in July 2017 (pictured above) about her work on maternal behavior. Thanks to the Haines Junction community for hosting us at these events and having an interest in the work we do!