Teaching Matters: Engaging the Whole Student with Heart, Mind, and Spirit
David Schoem, Christine Modey, Edward St. John
Stylus Press – forthcoming 2016

College Knowledge:101 Tips – David SchoemCollegeKnowledge101
University of Michigan Press 2009
“College Knowledge is full of wise, straight-to-the-point guidance for success both in and out of the classroom. Every first-year student should read and-and heed- David Schoem’s advice. Though written for students, parents of first-year students can learn from it, too.” Beverly Tatum, President, Spelman College

“David Schoem is a devoted teacher. He recognizes the challenges of preparing to be a responsible, compassionate, successful adult in the twenty-first century. He has written a book that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of its readers.” Jeffrey Lehman, President Emeritus, Cornell University

“Professor Schoem’s insights and encouragement helped me to create many of my most satisfying and lasting experiences during college. This book captures his infectious enthusiasm and will inspire readers to take risks in exploring all that college has to offer.” Miriam Vogel, form Schoem student.

CollegeKnowledgeJewishStudentCollege Knowledgefor the Jewish Student – David Schoem
University of Michigan Press 2013
“Students and parents alike will benefit from reading David Schoem’s well-written, lively, and documented guide.”
Elie Wiesel
“This is a wonderful sequel to Schoem’s very successful College Knowledge: 101 Tips. As I read through this new volume, I was constantly struck that advice would help all students who approach the college experience with distinctive cultural backgrounds and commitments. Indeed all prospective college students, and their parents, can benefit from this serious yet delightful, well-written, and incisive book of advice. I intend to buy one for each of my grandchildren.” Harold Shapiro, President Emeritus, Princeton University, University of Michigan

CollegeKnowledgeStudentAthlete College Knowledge for the Student Athlete – David Schoem and Shelly Kovacs
University of Michigan Press 2014
This book is a road map and tour guide for a successful career as a student athlete. Tips are based on research and the authors experience, as well as the wisdom and advice of hundreds of former student athletes. It was written to support the academic success of student athletes – whether at a large or small university or college, whether team or individual sport, whether women or men, whether on scholarship or not.



CollegeKnowledgeCommunityCollegeCollege Knowledge for the Community College Student – David Schoem and Lynn Dunlap
University of Michigan Press 2014
While all college students must learn to negotiate the transition to college, the challenges for those who enroll in community colleges are unique. Most students arrive at college not fully aware of just how different the college experience is from other prior experiences. The intellectual and social expectations, as well as the rules and regulations, are different, and not just different from high school. Tips are designed to help students learn, succeed, graduate, and have a rewarding and fulfilling community college experience.



IntergroupDialogueIntergroup Dialogue: Deliberative Democracy in School, College,Community, and Workplace – edited by David Schoem and Sylvia Hurtado
University of Michigan Press 2004
“This breakthrough book identifies clearly the new democratic capacities Americans need to face and transcend our histories of racial and cultural hierarchy – and trumpets the good news that our campuses and communities are already working hard to create these new capacities.” Carol Schneider, President, Association of American Colleges and Universities

“This collection offers much-needed practical models for effectively facing the issues of diversity. It is a welcome resource and supportive partner to the work we do with Teaching Tolerance.” Morris Dees, Executive Director, Southern Poverty Law Center

“I heartily recommend Intergroup Dialogue to everyone interested in the noblest ideals of American democracy. It is highly readable.” Former Senator, Bill Bradley

MulticulturalTeachingintheUniversity Multicultural Teaching in the University – edited by David Schoem, Linda Frankel, Ximena Zuniga, Edith Lewis
Praeger Publishers 1993
“This book includes more than twenty essays by faculty from different disciplines, each articulating the multiple dimensions and components of multicultural teaching. Teachers discuss their own teaching methods and classes in terms of course content, process and discourse, and diversity among faculty and students in the classroom.”





InsideSeparateWorldsInside Separate Worlds: Life Stories of Young Blacks, Jews, and Latinos – edited by David Schoem
University of Michigan Press 2000
Fourteen young Black, Jewish, and Latino authors provide a provocatively open and honest look into their lives. They speak of the support, confidence, and pride of being an identified member of an ethnic group, and they speak of the powerful hurts of racism. These deeply personal autobiographies give an eye-opening glimpse of their lives and thoughts as member of racial and ethnic minority groups.




EngagEngagingtheWholeing the Whole of Service-Learning, Diversity, and Learning Communities – edited by Joseph Galura, Penny Pasque, David Schoem, Jeffrey Howard
OCSL Press 2004
Much of higher education’s future in this country is connected to these three innovations to the curriculum. Moreover, these innovations can and should be connected to one another, to achieve a synergism, which broadens and deepens our educational agenda. Chapters are written collaboratively by faculty, staff, community partners, and students of the Michigan Community Scholars Program at the University of Michigan.





Ethnic SurvivalEthnicSurvivalinAmerica in America: An Ethnography of a Jewish Afternoon School – David Schoem
Brown U Studies – Scholars Press 1989
This study explores people’s lives, thoughts, and perceptions of what it means to be Jewish in suburban America. Like other ethnic groups that are culturally subordinate, the Jewish people face the problem of maintaining and transmitting their cultural authenticity – even their very survival as an ethnic group – while living in a society whose dominant culture is different. This study examines the conflicts and dilemmas that the Jewish people face in their effort to survive and in their attempt to maintain a substantive and authentic identity.



StudenStudentsTalkaboutCollegets Talk About College: Essays from the Pilot Program – edited by David Schoem and William Knox
Prakken Press 1988
This book is a collection of essays by students at the University of MIchigan’s Pilot Program, an innovative 600-student, academic residential undergraduate unit, written specifically for other college students. The stories are inspiring, frightening, discouraging and different. The essays are about the days after high school, the anxieties of leaving home, and the anticipation of the first week of college. Students write about the joy of independence, growing up, becoming thoughtful adults, and about the pain in that process.