Just released: my encyclopedia article, “International Migration and Remittances”

My article, “International Migration and Remittances,” has just been released by the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2nd edition). Here’s the abstract:

The remittances that migrants send to origin countries are one of the largest types of international financial flows to developing countries. This article reviews the relationships between remittances and the economic development of the world’s poorer nations. It first reviews the definition, magnitude, and some basic characteristics of remittance flows. Then, it treats the motivations for remittances, the impacts of remittances on development outcomes, and their role in helping respond to adverse shocks. It concludes with thoughts about the immediate future of remittances and promising areas for future research on the topic.

For the official version, you’ll have to purchase the print version of the encyclopedia for about $11,000 (!), or access it online via your institutional subscription.

Thankfully, you can also access the unofficial (pre-publication) version here, which is identical in content but not as nicely formatted.