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Published version of paper now available: “Directing Remittances to Education Using Soft and Hard Commitments”, in JEBO

The final, published version of my new paper in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization is now available online at Science Direct, ungated until Mar. 19, 2015. You can access the paper here.

The paper is “Directing Remittances to Education using Soft and Hard Commitments: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-field Experiment and New Product Take-up among Filipino Migrants in Rome,” joint with Giuseppe de Arcangelis, Majlinda Joxhe, David McKenzie, and Erwin Tiongson.

New paper in WBRO: “Evidence on Policies to Increase the Development Impacts of International Migration”

David McKenzie and I have a new paper that just came out in the World Bank Research Observer, in which we survey the empirical evidence on the development impacts of a wide variety of international migration policies. The paper is available at the WBRO website.

The short answer is that there’s reliable evidence of positive impacts of bilateral migration facilitation policies, financial services (particularly savings) for migrants, and migrant financial education programs. There’s less evidence on the benefits of other types of policies.

Forthcoming in AER P&P: “Measuring Vote-Selling”

I have a piece coming out in the May 2015 issue of the AER Papers and Proceedings issue, “Measuring Vote-Selling: Field Evidence from the Philippines.” The paper is here, and is co-authored with Allen Hicken, Steve Leider, and Nico Ravanilla.

The paper explores aspects of a proxy measure that we constructed to look at vote-selling in the May 2013 municipal elections in the Philippines. In another paper, we use this as the outcome variable in analysis of a randomized controlled trial of anti-vote-selling interventions in Sorsogon, Philippines during those same elections.