Decision Consortium Directories


Anderson, Eugene W – Professor, Ross School of Business
Anspach, Renee – Associate Professor, Sociology; Associate Professor, Women’s Studies
Aribarg, Anocha Assistant Professor, Ross School of Business
Arslanian-Engoren, Cynthia M Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Ascione, Frank J. Professor, Social and Administrative Sciences; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Pharmacy
Ashford, Susan Director, Executive MBA Program; Professor, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Bagozzi, Richard Professor, Marketing
Baker, Wayne Professor, Sociology; Professor, Ross School of Business; Faculty Associate, Institute for Social Research; Faculty Associate, Nonprofit and Public Management Center
Batra, Rajeev Professor, Ross School of Business
Bernstein, Steven Associate Professor, Internal Medicine; Assistant Research Scientist, Health Services Management & Policy
Berridge, Kent Professor, Psychology
Bordley, Robert F Corporate Strategy and Knowledge Development
Brown, Christina Assistant Professor, Marketing
Brown, Stephanie Research Fellow, Survey Research Center
Budden, Lea M Dr., School of Nursing, Midwifery & Nutrition
Burnstein, Eugene Senior Research Scientist, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research; Professor, Psychology
Burson, Katherine Assistant Professor, Marketing
Chen, Yan Professor, Information
Chua ,Hannah Faye Research Fellow, Center for Health Communications Research
Curtin, Catherine House Officer, UMH Medicine
Duffy, Sonia Research Investigator, Otorhinolaryngology and Psychiatry
Eby ,David W Research Associate Professor, Head UMTRI Social and Behavioral Analysis, Director Michigan Center for Advancing Safe Transportation throughout the Lifespan (M-CASTL)
Ehrlich, Nat Adjunct Research Associate, Psychology
Ellsworth, Phoebe C Professor, Psychology; Professor, Law
Epelman, Marina Associate Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering
Erdman Katherine M Adjunct Lecturer, Ross School of Business
Evans, Jeffrey Clinical Associate Professor, Dept. of Physical Med & Rehab
Fagerlin, Angela Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine & Center for Behavioral and Decision Sciences in Medicine
Feinberg, Fred Associate Professor, Ross School of Business
Fetters, Michael D Associate Professor, Family Medicine
Fitzgerald, Kate Clinical Lecturer, Psychiatry
Freedman, Eric M Associate Professor, Psychology
Friedman, Richard D Professor, Law
Gaither, Caroline Chair and Associate Professor, Social and Administrative Sciences, College Of Pharmacy
Garcia, Stephen Assistant Professor, G. Ford School of Public Policy
Gehring, William Associate Professor, Psychology
Gershof,f Andrew D Lecturer, Ross School of Business
Gibson, Faison (Bud) Assistant Professor, Ross School of Business
Gonzalez, Richard D Chair & Professor, Psychology; Faculty Associate, ISR; Adjunct Professor, Statistics and Marketing
Goodman, Barbara President, Decision Analysis Co.
Goold, Susan Dorr Associate Professor, Internal Medicine; Director, Bioethics Program; Associate Director for Ethics & Health Policy, Program in Society and Medicine
Graham-Bermann, Sandra Professor of Psychology & Women’s Studies
Grayson, Carla E. Visiting Research Scientist II, Inst./Research Women & Gender
Green, Lee A Professor, Family Medicine
Gross, Sam Professor, Law
Gruppen, Larry D Chair & Professor, Medical Education
Guyer, Melvin J Professor, Psychiatry; Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Hansen, Bendek B. Assistant Professor, Statistics; Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center, Methodology Program
Hatcher, Robert Assistant Professor, Psychology
Hayward, Rodney A Professor, Internal Medicine & Health Management and Policy
Hofer, Timothy P Associate Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine
Ivy Julie Assistant Professor, Ross School of Business
Jimbo, Masahito Clinical Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
Jolliet, Olivier Founding Faculty Member, Center for Risk Science and Communication
Joyce, James Associate Professor, Philosophy
Katz, Steven J Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy
Keppo, Jussi Assistant Professor, Industrial Operations Engineering
Kim, Hyungjin (Myra) Assistant Research Scientist, Center for Statistical Consultation & Research; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
Kim, Scott Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Kitayama, Shinobu Professor, Psychology
Kopelman, Shirli Clinical Assistant Professor, Management and Organizations
Kostyniuk, Lidia Research Scientist, Transportation Research Institute
Krishna, Aradhna K. Professor, Ross School of Business
Lee, Fiona Assistant Professor, Psychology; Assistant Professor, Ross School of Business
Lee, Theresa Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Lempert, Richard O Director, LS Values and Society Project; Faculty Associate, Survey Research Center; Professor, Sociology; Professor, Law
Lenk, Peter Associate Professor, Statistics and Management Science
Liberzon, Israel Associate Professor, Psychiatry; Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Lich-Tyler, Stephen Research Fellow, Population Studies
Lupia, Arthur Professor, Political Science; Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Social Research
MacDonald ,Erin Graduate Student Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering
Mahalingham, Ramaswami Assistant Professor, Psychology
Manis, Melvin Professor Emeritus, Psychology
Masatlioglu, Yusufcan Assistant Professor, Economics
Molna,r Lisa J Senior Research Associate Social Science, Transportation Research Institute
Moseley, Kathryn M Lecturer, Pediatrics; Core Faculty, Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit
Murphy, Susan A Professor, Statistics; Senior Research Scientist, ISR
Nease, Don Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
Nisbett, Richard E Professor, Psychology; Senior Research Scientist, Research Center for Group Dynamics
O’Brien, Barbara
Page, Scott Professor, Political Science; Professor, Economics; Research Professor, Center for Political Studies, ISR
Parson, Edward Professor, Law; Associate Professor, Natural Resources and Environment
Pasek, Zbigniew Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering
Perlman, Lawrence M Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Peytchev, Andy Survey Research
Pierce, Penny Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Pollock, Stephen M Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering
Preston, Stephanie Assistant Professor, Psychology
Resnick, Paul Associate Professor, School of Information
Richardson, Caroline Lecturer, Department of Family Medicine; Research Scientist at VA Health Services Research and Development
Rieh, Soo Young Assistant Professor
Rigdon, Mary Adjunct Assistant Professor, Economics; Assistant Research Scientist, Research Center for Group Dynamics
Ritter, Mary Ann Lecturer, Statistics
Robinson, Ian Assistant Research Scientist, Inst of Labor & Industrial Relations; Lecturer, Sociology
Ronis, David L Director, Grants and Research Office Statistical Consulting Team; Associate Research Scientist, Nursing; Research Health Science Specialist, Department of Veterans Affairs
Rosen, Allison Assistant Professor, General Medicine; Assistant Professor Health Management and Policy
Roth, Randy Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology, Medical School and Adjunct Lecturer in Psychology
Ruffin, Mack T Assistant Research Scientist, Epidemiology, School of Public Health; Associate Professor, Family Medicine
Salant, Stephen Professor, Economics
Sarri, Rosemary Senior Research Scientist Emeritus, Center for Political Studies
Schipani, Cindy A Professor, Business Law, History, and Communication
Schneider, Carl E Professor, Law, Professor, Internal Medicine
Schriber, Thomas J Professor, Ross School of Business
Schwarz, Norbert W Professor, Psychology; Professor, Marketing; Senior Research Scientist, Survey Research Center
Seifert, Colleen M Professor, Psychology
Shah, Raina Managing Consultant, Applied Safety and Ergonomics, Inc.
Shah, Priti Assistant Professor, Psychology
Shallal, Michael Internal Business Consultant, ePrize
Shapiro, Matthew Professor, Economics
Shumway, Tyler Assistant Professor, Finance
Siedel III, George J Professor, Ross School of Business
Simon, Carl Director, Ctr. for the Study of Complex Systems; Professor, Economics, Mathematics; & School of Public Policy
Sinkevich, Olena Research Fellow
Sloan, Richard Professor, Ross School of Business
Smith, Dylan Program for Improving Health Care Decisions Division of General Medicine
Sohn, Woosung Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Dept. of Cariology, Restor. Sci. & Endo.
Spreitzer, Gretchen Professor, Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business
Stansfield, R. Brent Research Investigator
Stein, Steven M Chief Medical Officer for UnitedHealth Group’s Great Lakes Health Plan
Research fellow, Psychiatry Department
Suhay, Elizabeth GSI, Political Science
Sutcliffe ,Kathleen Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Mgmt.
Taylor, Stephan Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Teneketzis, Demosthenis Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Tropman, John E Professor, Social Work; Adjunct Professor, Ross School of Business
Tschirhart ,Michael
Ubel, Peter A Associate Professor, Internal Medicine; Director, Program for Improving Health Care Decisions
Uhlmann, Wendy R Genetic Counselor, Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Human Genetics
Valenstein, Marcia Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
Vermont Sam Research Fellow, Law School
Wellman, Michael Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Williams, Angela
Wooten, David B Assistant Professor, Ross School of Business
Wyszewianski, Leon Associate Professor, Health Management & Policy
Yates, J. Frank Professor, Psychology; Professor, Ross School of Business
Ybarra, Oscar Associate Professor, Psychology; Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research
Yoon, Carolyn Associate Professor, Marketing, Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology, Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research
Yuan, Kathy Z Assistant Professor, Marketing
Zhang, Jun Associate Professor, Psychology
Zheng, Lu Assistant Professor, Finance
Ziemba, Rosemary Professor, Nursing
Zikmund-Fisher, Brian Research Assistant Professor for Behavioral and Decision Sciences, Medical School
Zint, Michaela Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and Environment


Alattar, Laith Psychology
Atakan, Sinem Business
Aydinoglu ,Nilufer Business
Basu, Avik Natural Resources and Environment
Christensen, Kurt Health Behav. & Ed. + Public Health
Eckford, Don Business
Feit, Eleanor Business
Gollop, Soraya Philosophy
Heath, Crystal Nursing
Jans, Matthew Survey Methodology
Kalmoe, Nathan Political Science
Katz,,Daniel Political Science and Public Policy
Konrath, Sara Psychology
Krupnikov, Yanna Political Science
Kumler, Lori School of Natural Resources & Environment
Lan, Xuezhao Education
Lande, Elaine Education
Lee, Hyun-Hwa (Henna) Nursing
Lin, Hsien-Chang Public Health
McCune, Renee Nursing
Moore, Brad Psychology + Law
Ou, Huang-Tz Pharmacy
Potworowski, Georges A Psychology & Education
Rees, Laura Business
Repetto, Paula Health Behavior & Education
Schueler, Kirk Health Service Org. & Policy
Smith, Robert Ross School of Business
Solomon, Maurice Inform Econ, Mgt & Policy MSI
Song, Hyunjin Psychology
Sripada, Chandra Psychiatry; Research Fellow, ISR
Stornelli, Jason Business
Sudheimer, Keith Neuroscience
Wagner, Mary S Ross School of Business
Webb, Felecia Psychology
Wilson, Deleise Nursing
Wu, Chung-Hsuen Pharmacy
Xu, Jing Business
Yilmaz, Seda Decision Science
Zhang, Charles Rackham
Zhu, David Ross School of Business