Haoyang Yan

HYan sPosition

Doctoral Student, 6th year
Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience area
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Education B.S. in Economics and B.A. in Psychology from The University of Iowa (2014)

Research interests

My JDM interests are very broad, crossing areas in cognitive psychology, social psychology and marketing, with an ultimate goal to help people make more effective decisions for themselves.

Yan, H., Yates, J.F. (2019) Improving acceptability of Nudges: Learning from attitudes towards opt-in and opt-out policies. Judgment and Decision Making, 14(1), 26-39

Levin, I. P., Bossard, E. A., Gaeth, G. J., & Yan, H. (2014). The combined role of task, child’s age and individual differences in understanding decision processes. Judgment and Decision Making, 9(3), 274-286.

Levin, I. P., Gaeth, G. J., Foley-Nicpon, M., Yegorova,V., Charles,C., & Yan, H. (2015). Extending the study of decision making competence to special populations: A case study of persons on the autism spectrum. Frontiers in Psychology, section Cognition.

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