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Refereed Publications:

JWST Observations of the Enigmatic Y Dwarf WISE 1828+2650: I. Limits to a Binary Companion

By: Matthew De Furio, Ben Lew, Charles Beichman, Thomas Roellig, Geoffrey Bryden, David Ciardi, Michael Meyer, Marcia Rieke, Alexandra Greenbaum, Jarron Leisenring, Jorge Llop-Sayson, Marie Ygouf, Loic Albert, Martha Boyer, Daniel Eisenstein, Klaus Hodapp, Scott Horner, Doug Johnstone, Douglas Kelly, Karl Misselt, George Rieke, John Stansberry, and Erick Young (2023), Astrophysical Journal.

Demographics of the M-star Multiple Population in the Orion Nebula Cluster

By: Matthew De Furio, Christopher Liu, Michael R. Meyer, Megan Reiter, Adam Kraus, Trent Dupuy, and John Monnier (2022), Astrophysical Journal.

The Small Separation A-Star Companion Population: First Results with CHARA/MIRC-X

By: Matthew De Furio, Tyler Gardner, John Monnier, Michael R. Meyer, Kaitlin Kratter, Gail Schaefer, Narsireddy Anugu, Claire L. Davies, Stefan Kraus, Cyprien Lanthermann, Jean-Baptiste Le Bouquin, and Jacob Ennis (2022), Astrophysical Journal.

Binary Formation in the Orion Nebula Cluster: Exploring the Sub-stellar Limit

By: Matthew De Furio, Michael Meyer, Megan Reiter, John Monnier, Adam Kraus, and Trent Dupuy (2022), Astrophysical Journal.

A Search for Intermediate-separation Low-mass Binaries in the Orion Nebula Cluster

By: Matthew De Furio, Megan Reiter, Michael Meyer, Alexandra Greenbaum, Trent Dupuy, and Adam Kraus (2019), Astrophysical Journal.

Oxidative stressors modify the response of Streptococcus mutans to its competence signal peptides

By: Matthew De Furio, Sang Joon Ahn, Robert A. Burne, and Stephen J. Hagen (2017), Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Non-Refereed Publications:

Data processing for high-contrast imaging with the James Webb Space Telescope

By: Marie Ygouf, Gra├ža Rocha, Charles Beichman, Alexandra Greenbaum, Jarron Leisenring, Matthew De Furio, et al. (2020), SPIE.

University of Florida Senior Thesis: Investigations of the Circumstellar Disk Fraction as a Function of Mass in Young Embedded Clusters in Orion B.

By: Matthew De Furio (2016) University of Florida Digital Collections.