Alice and Charles Murz


Alice Murz


Charlie Murz

Alice and Charlie Murz were one of the most informative couples I came across. They are the ones who connected me with Erwin Bloch. They grew up with Erwin. Alice’s parents had a stamp and novelty store on the street. Charlie was Erwin’s best friend for a time and served as a shoychet at the Chene Ferry Market. Alice has stayed in touch with me and periodically sends me some updates. Her father, who passed away in the mid-forties, was also a painter and stamp collector. I used to buy comic books at her mother’s shop on Chene. I did two interviews with the Murz’s. The first one was in January 2003 and the second in August 2004.

Transcribed Audio Interview with Alice and Chalres Murz (PDF)

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