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Arts-Related Health Awareness (AHA) Project [People’s community Services: Delray] Summer 2009 (.ppt)

PhotoVoice Workshop [People’s Community Services: Delray] Summer 2009

PhotoVoice Summary

General: PhotoVoice is a process in which the youth of People’s Community Services Delray were able to explore their community through photography as an expressive medium. Furthermore, PhotoVoice enabled the facilitators, other community members, and, broadly, those outside the community to experience, if just for a single snapshot, the community through those the eyes of these informants.

Specific: This was a two week summer mini-workshop. It was recommended from the PhotoVoice PCS Hamtramck site that sessions be consecutive creating a more compact and rich overall workshop experience and sustaining high attendance rates. The workshop consisted of 3 group sessions and 1 one-on-one session. The first session acted as an introduction. For the second session, education was the focus. In the third session, each student received an individual review with the facilitator. Lastly, debriefing and reflection were explored.


PhotoVoice Objective

To empower the youth of Delray to expressively assess the strengths and needs of the community from their own perspective, thus creating a pure, untouched look inside the Delray area. This workshop works to enrich and encourage the creative expression and personal growth through artistic and community education, action, and reflection while having an impact on the Delray Community.