Confrontation means pointing out discrepancies you have noticed while talking with the person. A discrepancy is a mismatch between the person’s words, feelings, and / or actions. A strength confrontation challenges the person in a positive way. You sense strengths in them, find them valuable, or see talents they possess. A weakness confrontation points out discrepancies that focus on negative things. When using this type of confrontation it is important to check your motives behind the confrontation and the impact of the confrontation on the other person.

The two most common confrontations point out:
A difference between what the person says and what they do
A difference between how they feel about themselves and how they actually behave

Tips to Remember in Confrontation:

  • Be sure you focus on specific behaviors and feelings—it is crucial to be clear and concise
  • Don’t interpret or judge the other person
  • Don’t get into an argument
  • Follow the confrontation with empathy