New R01 grant from NIMH!

Our lab has received an R01 grant award from the National Institute of Mental Health! In a multi-PI collaborative project with the laboratory of Dr. Ted Abel at the University of Iowa, we received funding to investigate the “Molecular, Cellular And Circuit Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Hippocampal Function”. Over the coming years, we will perform and analyze large-scale neuronal recordings from hippocampal neurons in sleep-deprived and rested animals performing spatial memory tasks. Based on this funding, we will be recruiting both a graduate student and a postdoctoral researcher. Please get in touch if you would like to apply. 


New R21 grant from NIMH!

Our lab just received an R21 grant from the National Institute of Mental Health on a project entitled “Enhanced Camp Signaling Effects On Hippocampal Oscillations And Memory”. As part of this project, researchers in our lab will use novel chemogenetic tools to enhance cAMP signaling in hippocampal pyramidal neurons following sleep-deprivation while we record and analyze sequential firing patterns of neuronal populations in-vivo.