Kamran Diba

I am the principal investigator of the Neural Circuits and Memory Lab at the Department of Anesthesiology in the University of Michigan Medical School.

I first became interested in neuroscience while completing my doctoral studies in high energy physics at Brown University, after taking a course in computational neuroscience focused on biophysical modeling of single neurons.

Subsequently I pursued a postdoc in the lab of Christof Koch, using NEURON to compartmentally model noise arising from stochastic ion channels and synapses. The predications were compared to measurements obtained from whole-cell current and voltage-clamp in cultured neurons and pyramidal cells from neocortical slices.

Increasingly, I became interested in how neurons function in the intact brain, embedded in dynamic circuits.   In the lab of Gyorgy Buzsaki, I learned to perform large-scale neuronal recordings from the cortex of freely behaving rats, and applied this to the study of sequential activity patterns in the hippocampus.

Now at U-Michigan, we are  investigating how neural activity in the brain encodes and stores memories using precise temporal relationships at multiple timescales, and how the underlying neural circuits generate these firing patterns.

Here is a link to my Google Scholar Page.

e-mail: kdiba[at]umich.edu

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