Kourosh Maboudi

I am a PhD student in the Diba Lab. My work is concentrated on analyzing neuronal population firings during sleep periods before and after a spatial memory task. Specifically, I am interested in investigating how hippocampal firing patterns that are observed during a spatial memory task are reactivated/replayed during sleep. These replay events that mostly co-occur with sharp-wave ripple oscillations are suggested as a substrate for memory consolidation. I am working on developing computational toolboxes using Bayesian decoding and hidden Markov models to detect and characterize the replay events and in general neural codes underlying formation of hippocampal memories.

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I received my B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering and my M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering back in Iran. My M.S. thesis was focused on developing a brain computer interface that is based on motor imaginations. After that, I worked as a researcher in the Institute for research in fundamental sciences (IPM), Department of Cognitive Sciences in Iran. My project there, in collaboration with The German Primate Center, was focused on neural correlation of visual attention in middle temporal areas of macaque monkeys. That work made me interested in brain oscillations and neuronal synchrony, therefore I decided to start a PhD in the Diba Lab.


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