Utku Kaya

I am a post-doctoral researcher at Diba Lab since February 2019, involved in the project investigating the effects of sleep deprivation on memory formation and consolidation. Currently, I focused on the extracellular records from the sleep-deprived rat hippocampus during learning.

I got my BS degree in Computer Engineering and an MS degree in Cognitive Science. Then, I started to have an interest in neural mechanisms underlying sub-second audiovisual temporal interactions for my Ph.D. work (PI: Dr. Hulusi Kafaligonul). In this project, I have been investigating the neural correlates of audiovisual interactions in time and how these interactions at early stages of sensory processing contribute to the final perception of visual timing and motion. During my Ph.D., I got also involved in other projects. For instance, I was a research assistant for a project (PI: Dr. Annette Hohenberger) on the various phonological aspects of language acquisition such as vowel harmony, word stress and word segmentation in Turkish infants (6-10 months old). In another project (PI: Dr. Hulusi Kafaligonul), we aimed to understand the functional links between motion perception and fundamental synaptic changes during neural aging.

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e-mail: ukaya[at]umich.edu