DISC Meet and Greet with Students

On Friday March 17th, DISC hosted a meet and greet with students from the Muslim community on campus. Students from the Muslim Coalition, the Muslim Students Association, and the Muslim Graduate Students Association were in attendance. The event allowed DISC faculty, including DISC Director Pauline Jones, to chat with students about the goals and the future of DISC. This event was the first chance for DISC to really connect with students on a personal level, outside of classes. Students offered insight as to how better foster facilitation between DISC faculty from the host campus, to the classes on the receiving campus. Additionally, some attendees had also taken DISC courses in the past, so the idea of creating student testimonials came to light. These testimonials, from current and former DISC students, allow prospective students to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to learn in a virtual classroom setting. In the future, DISC is also hoping to form a student advisory committee, a committee that aids the DISC faculty and administration in examining aspects of DISC from a student perspective. If you are interested in giving a student testimonial, or becoming part of this student advisory committee, please contact digital.islam@umich.edu.