Teaching Strategies

Students engaged in active learning actively think about what they are doing and, in the process, become aware of how they learn. A well-designed distance education environment that facilitates active learning is therefore critical to helping students effectively engage in the learning process. Faculty feedback and student survey data collected by the Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum (DISC) further indicates that active learning is a critical component of students’ positive experiences in the DISC classroom. DISC faculty and students both note that activities such as group discussions, class activities, and assignments that engage both the host and receiving campuses have a positive impact on student engagement and learning.

3/21/17 A DISC class in session

Instructional Support Services (ISS) in the College of Liberal Sciences and Arts at the University of Michigan provides instructional support and training for teaching in the distance education environment. For more information on active learning and teaching in the distance education environment visit ISS’s Teaching Strategies page, where you will find further information on Active Learning, Group Discussions, Online Discussions, and Teaching Remotely.