News and Fun

January 2015 – Lab is open!

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March 2015 –  Christina May joined the lab! Christina is a first year student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program!

April 2015 – Jalal Taleb won the Biomedical & Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Fellowship!

Jenna Clem joined the lab! Jenna is a first year student in the MCDB graduate program !

June 2015– Jeanna Yu, an HS student, joined our lab for the summer!

July 2015– We are very excited to have PREP student Lorraine Horwitz in the lab! Lorraine comes from sunny SoCal!

August 2015 – Grants awarded !

The Dus lab was awarded a MiBrain initiative and a NIH Michigan Nutrition and Obesity Research Center pilot grants!

The Dus lab was awarded a Brain&Behavior Research Foundation NARSAD Award!

October 2015: Who has the best Halloween costumes? Can you guess what Christina, Lorraine and Monica are?


March 2016: Wait what? Journal club can be so cool? Beyonce should be here >.<

and Lorraine was accepted to the the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Michigan !!!


Also Monica gave Nerdnite Ann Arbor with the silly title of “50 Shades of Sugar,” you can watch it here

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May 2016 In honor of the new grants awarded and of Caleb joining the lab we turned into a PowerPuff Lab!  

Grants awarded:  The Rita Allen Foundation and the Klingenstein-Simons Fund for Neurosciences for two separate projects started at Michigan!  For the Rita Allen, see here and here.


Lorraine made her first key lime pie for Caleb’s birthday! Now that you are starting grad school we will miss your sweets and your sunny smile 🙁



July 2016– Our lab is on the Rita Allen Foundation video! Go here to see it

September 2016 – New students Anoumid and Veronica started their rotations

October 2016- The lab was awarded a NIH New Innovator Award– Joe Palca from NPR’s Joe’s Big Idea portrayed the lab in this lovely piece.

January 2017 – Kristy started her rotation in the lab; Jen is studying abroad in Spain for the semester, we miss you Jen =…(

Caleb received 4 graduate school interviews, and 2 offers already- way to go !!! Really sad to “lose” him soon but so proud of him!

February 2017: Ice Skating Party braving 5F, Caleb, Christina and Anoumid

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March 2017 – Kristy Holmes received an NSF graduate research fellowship! What an amazing accomplishment! Congrats Kristy <3 !