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Mentoring Philosophy

I believe in creating a supportive learning environment and in developing a nurturing relationship among people in the lab, in passing on scholarship through ‘humanship,’ in the ability to be kind and compassionate, while maintaining a rigorous scientific environment. This type of relationship helps create an alliance made of common scientific goals and honest communication within the lab, both of which are key to a great mentoring and working relationship.

Graduate students

Perspective graduate students can rotate in the lab after admission to either the Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Graduate Program, the Program in Biomedical Sciences, the Neuroscience Graduate Program, and the Cell Molecular Biology Program. If you are interested in the lab before or after admission, please email me.

Our lab uses many different approaches, from genetics to genomics, and from behavior to live imaging, so students will learn a variety of techniques while working in the lab.


Postdoctoral candidates should email me with a CV and a cover letter summarizing their graduate work and describing their future interests, especially those related to current or potential projects in the lab. Please also list the names of three references.


All undergraduate students are welcomed to apply by e-mailing me directly.

Research (credit or experience): students interested in research should ideally join the lab no later than their sophomore year, so that they will be able to implement the techniques learnt, but all candidates will be considered.

Work-study: examples of tasks include, maintaining fruit-fly stocks, washing/autoclaving glassware and preparing reagents.