Educational Contexts and Queer Identity Psychology Study (ECQIPS) is an ongoing series of psychological studies being conducted at the University of Michigan by Ben Blankenship, a doctoral student in the Personality and Social Contexts area of the psychology department at UM. Our team is interested in studying the effects of educational contexts on individuals’ identity development, as well as the effect of identity on academic outcomes within these contexts. Our studies are specifically interested in Queer identities and positionalities, but we are also interested in the effects of intersecting identities (race, social class, gender, etc.) on similar outcomes and in similar contexts.

If you or someone you know might be interested in participating in any of our psychological studies, please enter your information into our screening survey. Please also share/follow this site with others who might be interested. Together we can research more about educational contexts and how they can be improved for Queer and other minority students.

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