2017 Speakers

2017 Keynote speakers

Cameron Ghalambor :

Cameron Ghalambor

Professor, Department of Biology, Colorado State University

Talk title: Does phenotypic plasticity facilitate or constrain adaptive evolution?

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2017 Presenters

Karin Burghardt :

Karin Burghardt

Postdoctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Talk title: The role of plastic plant defense strategies in determining landscape level variability in ecosystem processes

Burghardt website

Oana Carja :

Oana Carja

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania

Talk title: The evolutionary advantage of phenotypic plasticity

Carja website

Yuheng Huang :

Yuheng Huang

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Talk title: Experimental evolution of gene expression and plasticity in alternative selective regimes

Pool Lab

Holly Moeller :

Holly Moeller

Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California-Santa Barbara

Talk title: Trade, borrow, or steal: how acquired metabolism confers phenotypic plasticity

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Image credit: D.S. Karp.

Ben Parker :

Ben Parker

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Biology, University of Rochester

Talk title: What mechanisms generate genetic variation in phenotypic plasticity? Ecology and evolutionary genetics of the pea aphid wing polyphenism

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Clare Rittschof :

Clare Rittschof

Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Kentucky

Talk title: Honey bee aggression and brain energy metabolism: understanding the temporal dynamics of behavioral plasticity

Rittschof website

Daniel Schwab :

Daniel Schwab

Ph.D. Candidate, Indiana University

Talk title: Developmental plasticity, symbiosis, and niche construction: insights from the study of Onthophagus beetles

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Laura Stein :

Laura Stein

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biology, Colorado State University

Talk title: The role of plasticity within and across generations in colonizing novel environments

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Maggie Wagner :

Maggie Wagner

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, North Carolina State University

Talk title: Plasticity of glucosinolate content and implications for local adaptation in Boechera stricta

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