Current Projects – Personality, Relationships, and Hormones Lab

Current Projects

We are trying to understand how couples navigate daily tasks. We are recruiting cohabiting couples to participate in a 2-hour study. Couples will receive $50 for their participation ($25 per partner).

The study will include an in-person lab session with a series of short surveys and various tasks. During this visit, we will collect physiological data such as saliva samples and blood pressure.

Read on below to find out more and to take the eligibility survey. You can also scroll down to learn about our COVID-19 precautions.


Participating with your partner: We are interested in understanding how romantic couples navigate tasks together and would set up a time when you and your partner can come to our lab together. This lab visit will take no longer than 2 hours. Before the lab visit, we will send you both a 20-minute survey. In the lab, we will obtain your informed consent, ask you to complete a number of tasks, and collect short surveys and physiological data. We will distribute the $50 ($25 per partner) at the end of the lab visit in cash.

Eligibility: Participants for this study must be between 20 and 40 years old. Partners must be living together. Both partners must be able to attend a lab session together on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor between the hours of noon and 7:00 pm (scheduling will be available weekdays and weekends). For additional eligibility requirements, please take the eligibility survey above.

COVID-19 precautions: The University of Michigan has strict guidelines for COVID-19 safety, and this study has been approved as presenting minimal exposure risk to participants and research staff. A researcher will meet you at the door to the building and lead you to the lab, after which you and your partner will complete most tasks in your own room. You will communicate with the researchers electronically during most of the study. Researchers and participants will be required to wear appropriate face coverings at all times, except when isolated in their separate rooms. All equipment and rooms will be cleaned and sanitized between uses. Please feel free to contact us at with any further concerns.

Your contribution to this study will help us learn more about relationship dynamics. We greatly appreciate your consideration of participating in our study.

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