Student Blogs on Contemporary China

To incorporate Digital Humanities in the classroom, Emily Wilcox requires students to create web-based research projects as final assignments in some courses. The following projects were created by past undergraduate classes at the University of Michigan and the College of William & Mary.


Contemporary Chinese Performance Culture – Final Projects (University of Michigan, Fall 2013). “Contemporary Chinese Performance Culture” (ASIAN 356). Students learn to appreciate and analyze performances as reflections of social processes in China and the Chinese diaspora. For their final projects, students contribute to this public website, which aims to make contemporary Chinese performance culture more accessible to English-speaking audiences. THIS COURSE WILL BE OFFERED AGAIN IN FALL 2019.


East Asian Cultures Through Film – Final Film Projects (CHIN 280), at the College of William & Mary.  Students were each paired with students at Beijing Normal University and asked to jointly select two films on a common theme, one Chinese and one from the United States. After watching the films, the students discuss the films and their reactions with their partners and then create a blog presenting their experiences. This project was supported by a special internationalization grant from the Reves Center for International Studies at the College of William & Mary. 


China in the Field: Experiencing Beijing Through Ethnography – Final Ethnography Projects” (CHIN 303), at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Throughout an 8-week summer study abroad program, students conducted guided field research projects related to a site or community of interest to them in Beijing: tattoo parlor, hospital, social networking platform, technology mall, teahouse, sports club, etc. Students blogged about their experiences throughout the summer and presented their projects as a final project on this site.