Friday, October 23rd: “Red Flag Wounded” Book Discussion

The European History Workshop  has another exciting workshop coming up! Please join us on Friday, October 23rd, from 5-6:30  pm via zoom for a discussion with Professor Ronald Suny of his new book:

Red Flag Wounded: Stalinism and the Fate of the Soviet Experiment


As described by Verso Press, Red Flag Wounded brings together essays covering the controversies and debates over the fraught history of the Soviet Union from the revolution to its disintegration. Those monumental years were marked not only by violence, mass killing, and the brutal overturning of a peasant society but also by the modernisation and industrialisation of the largest country in the world, the victory over fascism, and the slow recovery of society after the nightmare of Stalinism.

Ronald Grigor Suny is one of the most prominent experts on the revolution, the fate of the non-Russian peoples of the Soviet empire, and the twists and turns of Western historiography of the Soviet experience. As a biographer of Stalin and a long-time commentator on Russian and Soviet affairs, he brings novel insights to a history that has been misunderstood and deliberately distorted in the public sphere. For a fresh look at a story that affects our world today, this is the place to begin.”


PDFs of the book will be given to attendees of the workshop. These were provided graciously by Dr. Suny and they are NOT to be circulated outside of the event. To receive a PDF of this book, please email Albert Cavallaro ( also please register in advance for this meeting: