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We are alumni of the UM English Department. We are passionate about our time at Michigan, and we know that literature has enriched our professional and personal lives.

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Our vibrant alumni community supports current students through mentorship, internships, and financial contributions to the department.

Join our community to connect with fellow alums. Mentor current students. Host student interns. Participate in events. Give to UM English.

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Join us so that we can keep you informed about opportunities and events involving students, faculty, and your fellow UM English alums.

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Make a Difference: Give to UM English

Give now.

Since UM English alums know that the study and writing of English literature has enriched our professional and personal lives, we are committed to assuring that today’s students are given the opportunity to enrich theirs.

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After a wonderful inaugural event in April 2022, we’re looking forward to hosting another book club in the fall.

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Register with LSA Connect to join a dynamic community of current Michigan students. Offer your wisdom and experience and share how your English degree has shaped your trajectory.

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Our students benefit from internships that allow them to put their skills to use in professional settings.

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Gaurav Desai is an award-winning scholar and teacher, and is passionate about the transformative powers of an English education. He is eager to connect with alumni of all years.

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