Environmental Justice HistoryLab Releases Documentary Film on 1970 ENACT Teach-In (April 2020)

On April 17, 2020, the Environmental Justice HistoryLab released a 22-minute documentary film, The Environmental Action for Survival (ENACT) Teach-In of 1970.  Dr. Matthew Woodbury led the production team of eight undergraduates who created the documentary during the Winter 2020 semester in the course “Historical Filmmaking: Environmental Activism at U-M.”  The undergraduate filmmakers are Erin Arsenault, Rachael Fotis, Seeta Goyal, Jake Hutnik, Vikram Mohan, Kevin Rubba, Jana Shemano, and Preston Vanalstine.

Watch The Environmental Action for Survival (ENACT) Teach-In of 1970 on the Environmental Justice HistoryLab’s YouTube channel here.

Learn more about the production team and the History course that created this documentary here.