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Creating Inclusive Assignments and Assessments

Creating Inclusive Assignments and Assessments


This resource guide, adapted from from a LSA Technology Services webinar (full recording at the bottom of the page), details practices for creating inclusive assignments and assessments. Inclusive assignments and assessments focus on accessibility and leverage a variety of skillsets that students can use to demonstrate their learning. Whether you are assigning an individual or group assignment/assessment, it is vital to ensure that students understand what an inclusive assignment looks like by providing a clear rubric and roadmap for success. If instructors stress the importance of accessibility in individual and/or group assignments, accessibility becomes a learning objective for students as they strive to meet accessibility standards in their work.

Resource Goals:

  • To define what accessibility and inclusive mean for assignments/assessments.

  • To provide instructors with strategies to make individual and group assignments/assessments more inclusive.

  • To encourage instructors to think about the different modalities of assessment for students.

Creating Inclusive Assignments and Assessments Resource Guide:

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