Here, you will find some of my informal translations of Japanese prose for courses I teach. Most of the translations are not scholarly and are unannotated; my primary goal is accessibility.*

Wang Changxiong 王昶雄 (Jp. Ō Chōyū), Honryū 奔流 (The Torrent, 1943). The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus 16.1.3 (December 22, 2017): 1-25.

From the Gazetteer 風土記 fragments for Tango Province 丹後國: The Lovely Pure Well of Hiji and Nagu Shrine比治の真奈井 奈具の社

From Otogizōshi 御伽草子: Inchling (一寸法師)

A Record of Castaways in Tartary (excerpts)

Akutagawa Ryûnosuke’s 1924 Momotarō (桃太郎)

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