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Sustainable Living Retreat at ESGR

October 5-6 marked another visit by the Sustainable Living Experience at the ESGR.  The group had a great visit on a cool fall weekend.  They had group building and individual experiences and capped it with a walk to Buck Hollow where many dreams were fulfilled: snakes, pitcher plants, preying mantis, frogs, and Sphagnum, of course!

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Retreat at ESGR

from the EEB Chair:
Our 2019 retreat on Saturday at the George Reserve (GR) was a blast: great weather, fantastic location, good food, excellent field trips and discussions and a relaxed, friendly vibe.

That outcome took considerable behind-the-scenes effort and my thanks to our Retreat Committee: Yin-Long Qiu (chair), Tom Duda, Tom Morgan, Rachel Wadleigh and (in particular) Nathan Sadowsky for all their hard work, and to Robyn Burnham (GR director) and Alex Wenner (GR facilities manager) for their very considerable GR prep work. Additional logistics support was provided by Kati Ellis and Linda Garcia and by van drivers Giorgia Auteri, Eric Gulson, Rumaan Malhotra, Nicholas Medina and Teresa Pegan.

Kudos also to our field trip leaders: Catherine Badgley, Robyn Burnham, Eric Gulson, Tim James, Teresa Pegan, Mike Penskar, Tony Reznicek, Erika Tucker, John Vandermeer (and to Trevor Hewitt and Tom Morgan who helped me), to GREEBS and GREEBS president Giorgia Auteri for the graduate student forum, and to Chatura Vaidya, Tamara Milton and Kristel Sánchez for leading the DEI group discussion.

See below a group photo taken by Kensuke Seto (postdoctoral fellow in the James lab) and please accept my apologies in advance if I have missed anyone,

Phenology of Plants at Big Woods Project

U-M Mycology lab is conducting plant surveys in the Big Woods during leaf out this spring. The project is a collaboration led by Brian Sedio and Jordan Kueneman of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute to understand the association of plant chemistry with fungal endophyte [leaf inhabiting] communities. Pictured are Rebecca Clemons and Kevin Amses.

New Addition to ES George Reserve

Just arrived at the E.S. George Reserve, this little bundle of joy: Levi A. Wenner!! And who knew we had storks?! Congratulations Kayla, Alex, and Quinn!









Nature baby not speaking a word
Nature baby free as a bird
Nature Baby living day by day
Nature Baby always floating away. Feeling the soil around my feet
The sun rays beating down with heat
My being feeling like I’m not physically here
And when I look around I’m so much more aware. The energy keeps coming my way
As I buzz through life and play
Nature Baby being free
Nature Baby that is me
That is what is meant to be. Nature Baby gave the garden lots of love and energy
And now the gardens have surrounded me with beauty
And the heavenly scents from each flower in bloom
As we share the space within this big room. Nature Baby as free as a bird
Nature Baby not speaking a word.

by Jaye (Julianna) Low


Wood Frogs Calling and Laying Eggs – Week of April 8

Mike Benard from Case Western Reserve University returned to the ESGR to collect wood frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) eggs this week (April 8-9).  He will raise the wood frogs in controlled laboratory conditions alongside wood frogs spanning a latitudinal gradient from North Carolina to Michigan to test for geographic variation in response to photoperiod and temperature.

See below for a photo of wood frog eggs (Ilex Pond) and a wood frog (West March 6)


Sustainable Living Experience Visit April 6-7

The Sustainable Living Experience came for their second visit to the ESGR.  This time the weather cooperated and they were able to sleep outside in hammocks and tents – fun but a little chilly.  They prepared group meals, went on a walk with Robyn Burnham, and had a bonfire complete with S’mores.