This list has been extracted from the collections of Francis Evans, Mark O’Brien, Edward Kormondy, and Earl Werners’ Lab (identifications by Chris Davis and Shannon McCauley). Species that are known to have larval populations on the ESGR (including Sayles Lake) are noted as such with an * asterisk. The larval records are part of a long-term survey of the majority of the aquatic habitats on the ESGR by the Werner Lab and should present a fairly complete list for the Anisopterans. The Zygopteran list, on the other hand, is probably missing several species that are likely to exist on the ESGR.



  • *Aeshna canadensis Walker
  • *Aeshna clepsydra Say
  • *Aeshna constricta Say
  • *Aeshna mutata Hagen
  • *Aeshna tuberculifera Walker
  • *Aeshna umbrosa Walker
  • *Aeshna verticalis Hagen
  • *Anax junius Drury
  • *Anax longipes Hagen
  • *Basiaeshna janata Say
  • *Epiaeschna heros (F.)
  • *Nasiaeschna pentacantha (Rambur)


  • Didymops transversa (Say)
  • *Cordulia shurtleffi Scudder
  • *Dorocordulia libera (Selys)
  • *Epicordulia princeps (Hagen)
  • *Epitheca cynosura Say
  • *Epitheca spinigera (Selys)
  • *Somatochlora kennedyi Walker
  • *Somatochlora williamsoni Walker


  • Dromogomphus spinosus Selys
  • *Gomphus exilis Selys
  • *Arigomphus furcifer Hagen
  • Gomphus lividus Selys
  • *Gomphus spicatus Hagen


  • *Celithemis elisa Hagen
  • *Celithemis eponina Drury
  • *Celithemis fasciata Kirby
  • *Erythemis simplicicollis Say
  • *Ladona julia (Uhler)
  • *Leucorrhinia intacta Hagen
  • *Leucorrhinia proxima Calvert
  • *Libellula cyanea Fabr.
  • *Libellula incesta Hagen
  • *Libellula luctuosa Burm.
  • *Libellula pulchella Drury
  • *Libellula quadrimaculata L.
  • *Nannothemis bella (Uhler)
  • *Pachydiplax longipennis (Burmeister)
  • *Pantala hymenaea (Say)
  • *Perithemis tenera Say
  • *Plathemis lydia (Drury)
  • *Sympetrum corruptum (Hagen)
  • *Sympetrum internum Montgomery
  • *Sympetrum obtrusum Hagen
  • *Sympetrum rubicundulum Say
  • *Sympetrum semicinctum Say
  • *Sympetrum vicinum Hagen
  • *Tramea carolina (L.) Hagen
  • *Tramea lacerata Hagen



  • Calopteryx maculata Beauv.


  • *Lestes congener Hagen
  • *Lestes disjunctus Selys
  • *Lestes dryas Kirby
  • *Lestes eurinus Say
  • *Lestes forcipatus Rambur
  • *Lestes inaequalis Walsh
  • *Lestes rectangularis Say
  • *Lestes unguiculatus Hagen
  • Lestes vigilax Hagen


  • Argia violacea Hagen
  • Chromagrion conditum (Hagen)
  • *Coenagrion resolutum (Selys)
  • *Enallagma aspersum (Hagen)
  • Enallagma boreale Selys
  • *Enallagma civile (Hagen)
  • Enallagma carunculatum Morse
  • Enallagma divagans Selys
  • *Enallagma ebrium (Hagen)
  • *Enallagma geminatum Kellicott
  • Enallagma hageni (Walsh)
  • Enallagma traviatum (Selys)
  • *Enallagma cyathigerum vernale Gloyd
  • *Ischnura verticalis (Say)
  • Nehallenia gracilis Morse
  • *Nehallenia irene Hagen