Peer Reviewed Publications

Valentino, N. A., Neuner, F. G.,  and L. Matthew Vandenbroek (Forthcoming), The Changing Norms of Racial Political Rhetoric and the End of Racial PrimingJournal of Politics [Accepted Version, Online Appendix, Dataverse]

Valentino, N. A. and Neuner, F. G. (2017), Why the Sky Didn’t Fall: Mobilizing Anger in Reaction to Voter ID Laws. Political Psychology, 38: 331–350.

Working Papers

‘Mass Media as a Source of Public Responsiveness’ (with Stuart Soroka and Christopher Wlezien) [under review]

Seeing Blue in Black and White: Race and Perceptions of Officer-Involved Shootings’ (with Hakeem Jefferson and Josh Pasek) [Online Appendix] [under review]

‘It’s Popular to Be Populist! The Social Desirability of Populist Attitudes’ (with Christopher Wratil) [under review]

‘Public Opinion and the Legitimacy of Global Private Environmental Governance’

‘From a Central Organizing Idea in a Frame to a Central Organizing Idea in the Brain: The Psychology of Framing Effects Revisited’

‘Testing Snowden’s Hypothesis: Awareness of and Opposition to Government Surveillance’ (with Nicholas Valentino, Julia Kamin, and Michael Bailey)

‘Unpacking the Racial Divide in Officer-Involved Shootings: What Can Reactions to Witness Statements Tell Us?’ (with Hakeem Jefferson and Josh Pasek)

‘Divided by Culture: Partisan Imagery and Political Evaluations’ (with Stuart Soroka and Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice)