FEPS @ the 235th American Astronomical Society

Undergraduate researcher Nick Susemiehl and Prof. Michael Meyer attended the 235th meeting of the American Astronomial Society January 3-9 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Nick presented a poster #170.10 entitled “The Orbital Surface Density Distribution and Multiplicity of M Dwarfs” while Meyer presented a short talk #122.06 entitled “AO-Assisted Ground-based Mid-IR Imaging in the JWST Era:  MIRAC-5 with Geosnap”.  Dr. Meyer also presented in sessions sponsored by the Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group concerning JWST and the future of the Great Observatories at NASA, as well as running the Exoplanet Program Analysis Group meeting #21 which took place before the AAS.  An important feature of the meeting was recognizing the contributions of Native Hawaiians to astronomical navigation and thinking about how to honor this tradition respectfully as the future use of Mauna Kea for astronomy is considered.