FEPS helps welcome Marcia Rieke to UM, recipient of the Mohler Prize

Marcia Rieke, Regents Professor of Astronomy and Astronomer at the Steward Observatory of the University of Arizona, is visiting this week.  Marcia is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, well-known for her service work in the community helping to run panels for multiple decadal surveys of astronomy and astrophysics, and for receiving several professional several awards.   She is also a leading instrumentalist and PI of NIRCam, the main 1-5 micron imaging camera for the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope.  Our recent group is involved in several guaranteed time programs through participation in the NIRCam and NIRISS Science Teams, Early Release Science Progams, and gearing up for Cycle 1 proposals due in early May.    Marcia shared a public lecture February 26, which was well-attended as reported by the Michigan Daily even though we were in the middle of a late winter snow storm!  Marcia also visited with the FEPS Team and will present the department colloquium February 27.