2012-13 Readings

Doreen Fraser, In Support of the Coalesced Structures Argument: Classical Statistical Mechanics and Constructive QFT

Adam Helfer, Do Black Holes Radiate? (pg. 1-10 & 56-66)
Joe Polchinski, Guest Post: Joe Polchinski on Black Holes, Complementarity, and Firewalls
Gerard ‘t Hooft, The Scattering Matrix Approach for the Quantum Black Hole (sections 1, 6, & 11) [OPTIONAL]

David Wallace, Time-dependent Symmetries: the link between gauge symmetries and indeterminism
John Norton, General Covariance, Gauge Theories, and the Kretschmann Objection (OPTIONAL)
Michael Redhead, The Interpretation of Gauge Symmetry (OPTIONAL)

Alexei Grinbaum, Which Fine-Tuning Arguments Are Fine?
Gian Giudice, Naturally Speaking: The Naturalness Criterion and Physics at the LHC

David Baker, Can We Make Do Without Observables? Evaluating Spacetime State Realism
David Wallace and Christopher Timpson, Quantum Mechanics on Spacetime I: Spacetime State Realism (OPTIONAL)

Eleanor Knox, Newton-Cartan Theory and Teleparallel Gravity: The Force of a Formulation

David Wallace, Taking Particle Physics Seriously
Doreen Fraser, Quantum .Field theory: Underdetermination, Inconsistency, and Idealization

David Mermin, Quantum Mechanics: Fixing the Shifty Split
David Mermin, What’s Bad About This Habit?
Christopher Fuchs, QBism, the Perimeter of Quantum Bayesianism (p. 1-14)

David Albert, Physics and Narrative
Simon Judes, Narratability and Cluster Decomposition (OPTIONAL)


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