2018-19 Readings

Spring 2019

April 23, 2019: K. McKenzie 2017, “Relativities of fundamentality”

J. Polchinksi 2017, “Dualities of fields and strings”

March 12: D. Wallace 2019, “Naturalness and Emergence

February 19: J. Butterfield 2018, book review of S. Hossenfelder’s Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray

                            S. Hossenfelder 2018, response on blog

February 5: Ma, Kofler, and Zeilinger 2016, “Delayed-choice Gedanken experiments and their realizations.”

January 22: M. Lange 2014, “Depth and Explanation in Mathematics.”

Fall 2018

December 5: M. Weisberg 2017, “New approaches to the division of cognitive labor”

Optional: M. Strevens 2003, “The role of the priority rule in science

November 7: J. Wells 2018, “Finetuned Cancellations and Improbable Theories.”

October 24: A. Linde 2006, “Sinks in the landscape, Boltzmann brains, and the cosmological constant problem.”

October 17: B. Loewer draft, “The Mantaculus Vision” and D. Albert 2012, “Physics and Chance”

October 10: C. Fuchs and R. Schack’s 2004, “Unknown quantum states and operations, a Bayesian view

September 26: J. Earman 2018, “Believing the unbelievable”

September 19: C. Glymour 1981, “Why I am not a Bayesian.”


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