David Baker (Faculty, Philosophy)

Gordon Belot (Faculty, Philosophy)

Prudhvi Bhattiprolu (Research fellow, Physics)

Gabriele Carcassi (Senior Research Specialist, Physics)

Francisco Calderón (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

Jesse Holloway (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

Josh Hunt (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

Max Jerdee (Graduate Student, Physics)

Gabrielle Kerbel (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

Calum McNamara (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

Armin Nikkhah Shirazi (Affiliated Temporary Scholar, Physics)

Ben Sheff (Graduate Student, Physics)

Laura Ruetsche (Faculty, Philosophy)

Charles Sebens (Founder, currently at Cal-Tech, Philosophy)

Lawrence Sklar (Faculty, Philosophy)

Alison Weinberger (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

James Wells (Faculty, Physics)

Yixuan Wu (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

Sophia Wushanley (Graduate Student, Philosophy)

This page lists official members as opposed to the entirety of the mailing list and is kept for the purposes of funding applications.  Let us know if you would like to be added to or subtracted from this list: joshhunt(at)