2017-2018Foundations of Particle PhysicsMarch 11th, 2018T. Cao, C. Quigg, P. Williams, B. Zhou
2016-2017Foundations of CosmologyApril 9th, 2017Y. Benétreau-Dupin, K. Freese, K. Heitmann, C. Smeenk,
2015-2016Foundations of Ordinary Quantum MechanicsApril 3rd, 2016J. Barrett, A. Leggett, R. Merlin, D. Wallace
2014-2015Foundations of Statistical MechanicsFebruary 1st, 2015R. Batterman, S. Goldstein, L. Sklar, J. Uffink
2013-2014Foundations of General RelativityJanuary 25th, 2014G. Belot, L. Bieri, R. Geroch, R. Wald
2012-2013Foundations of Quantum Field TheoryApril 30th, 2013R. Akhoury, D. Baker, D. Fraser, D. Wallace, J. Wells

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