Group 1: The Politics of Social Justice and Economic Progress

Detroit Urban League Papers
Detroit Urban League records, 1916-1992.

96 linear ft. and 1 oversize folder.
Detroit, Michigan, branch of the National Urban League.
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Minutes of the Board of Directors, correspondence and topical files of Executive Directors and Presidents, budgets and financial records, and papers concerning National Urban League conferences and Green Pastures Camp; also departmental files relating to community services, housing, vocational services, health and welfare, job development and employment, and education and youth incentives; and photographs.

Charles David Williams papers
Charles David Williams papers, 1878-1923.

3 linear ft.
Episcopal bishop of Michigan.
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Correspondence concerning personal and church affairs and the social gospel movement, including correspondence with Walter Rauschenbush, Samuel Mather, and Lucretia Garfield; also sermons and addresses, 1885-1923, journals of European trips, 1896, 1917, and 1921, notebooks on social and labor problems, material on the 1908 forest fire at Metz, Michigan (Presque Isle County), and material on the Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio in 1898; biographical writings by his sons, Benedict Williams, his wife, Lucy V. Williams, and his
secretary, Charles O. Ford; letters of condolence from fellow clergy,
including Reinhold Niebuhr; also photographs.

Herbert F. Baker papers
Herbert F. Baker papers, 1904-1926.

5 linear ft. and 1 v. [outsize].
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Republican state representative, 1907-1912, speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, 1911, state senator, 1919-1922, and official of the Farmers’s National Council, the National Gleaner Federation, the Michigan State Grange and other farm and insurance organizations.

Correspondence, clippings, photographs and scrapbooks, concerning
his political and business activities. See added entries for correspondents.

Howard Hyde Russell Papers
Howard Hyde Russell papers, 1840-1946.

3 linear ft.
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Congregational minister and founder of the American Anti-Saloon League.
Professional correspondence and speeches relating to his work with the Anti-Saloon League, biographical and autobiographical writings, diary entries, notebooks and newspaper clippings and other miscellanea; family correspondence, including papers of his father, Joseph A. Russell, and his wife, and collected historical letters from Andrew Jackson, William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, and Charles Dickens; also photographs.

W.C.T .U. Papers
Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Flint Federation records, 1874-1980.

1.8 lin. ft. and 1 oversize volume.
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Records of the Flint Federation of the Michigan Woman‚’s Christian Temperance Union, also records of the local chapters comprising the Flint Federation. The record group includes minutes and other material of the first established Flint chapter, 1874-1970 (some gaps) and records, primarily minutes and scrapbooks of other area, subsequently established, chapters.

Angela Morgan Papers
Angela Morgan papers, 1861-1957

59 linear feet
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American poet and novelist, author of numerous poems (some with anti-war themes), and participant in International Congress of Women at The Hague in 1915 and subsequent activities of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.
Correspondence, drafts of writings, pamphlets, newspaper clippings and other papers relating to her activities as a pacifist and her literary interests; also material on World War I peace movement concerning International Congress of Women, Ford Peace Ship, American Neutral Conference Committee, Emergency Peace Federation, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Bureau of Legal First Aid, People’s Council of America and New York City branch of the Woman’s Peace Party; also scattered papers, 1861-1922, of her father, Albert T. Morgan, who came to Mississippi after the Civil War; and photographs.

Charles Sligh
Sligh Family papers,1842-1967

27 linear ft., 30 v. [outsize] and 1 folder [outsize].Visual Materials 3 linear ft.
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Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, family whose members include James Wilson Sligh, Grand Rapids businessman and officer in Michigan Engineers and Mechanics in the Civil War; James May Sligh, physician and officer in the Michigan Engineers and Mechanics during the Civil War; Charles Robert Sligh, Grand Rapids furniture manufacturer, Republican state senator, and gubernatorial nominee; and Charles Robert Sligh, Jr., Grand Rapids businessman, past president and executive vice-president of the National Association of Manufacturers.
Series I : papers, 1842-1865, including correspondence and three diaries relating to James W. Sligh’s Civil War service, seven volumes of his business records, and his notebooks on Masonic affairs; also letters dealing with James M. Sligh’s Civil War service.
Series II : papers, 1866-1927, of Charles R. Sligh, including eight volumes of account books and ledgers, three scrapbooks, one letterbook, forty-nine diaries and small notebooks, four feet of correspondence, speeches, clippings, pamphlets, legal documents, and biographical notes dealing with the furniture industry, family affairs, Grand Rapids, Michigan, business enterprises in California, Arizona, and elsewhere, World War I activities (preparedness movement, Plattsburg training camp, National Security League, and airplane production) and politics on the local, state and national level, especially bimetallism, 1893-1897, the election of 1896, Michigan Senate activities, 1922-
1924, and the Michigan primary election of 1924.
Series III : papers, 1928-1967, of Charles R. Sligh, Jr., consisting of two feet of correspondence and speeches, forty-seven volumes of scrapbooks, and three feet of tape recordings, phonograph records, pamphlets, and clippings dealing with family affairs, the National Association of Manufacturers, the furniture industry, and politics.
Series IV : records, 1880-1948, of the Sligh Furniture Co. and related family businesses, including two feet and one outsized volume of minutes, legal papers, and reports.

Frank Murphy Papers
Frank Murphy papers, 1908-1949.

106 linear ft., 39 v., and 2 oversize folders.
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Detroit (Mich.) Recorders Court Judge, Mayor of Detroit, Governor of Michigan, Governor-General of the Philippines, U.S. Attorney General, and Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Series I : papers, 1842-1865, including correspondence and three diaries relating to James W. Sligh’s Civil War service, seven volumes of his business records, and his notebooks on Masonic affairs; also letters dealing with James M. Sligh’s Civil War service.
Correspondence, reports, speeches, scrapbooks and other papers relating to his personal life and public career, with extensive material on Detroit and Michigan politics, Philippine Islands in the thirties, sitdown strike of 1937 and New Deal politics, Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt and international affairs; also photographs and other visual materials.

Parrish Lovejoy papers
P.S Lovejoy papers, 1918-1941.

5 linear ft.
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Professor in the School of Natural Resources of University of Michigan. Correspondence and articles relating to conservation, forestry, and agricultural activities and organizations, particularly the College of Forestry of the University and the Michigan Farm Bureau; and photographs. Correspondents include: Gifford Pinchot and Aldo Leopold.

Rebecca Shelley papers
Rebecca Shelley papers, 1890-1984.

21 linear ft. and 1 outsize folder.
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Pacifist, participant in World War I peace movement and later peace activities, member of Fellowship of Reconciliation, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and Women Strike for Peace.
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, periodicals, reports, photographs, and other materials relating to the International Congress of Women, 1915, the Ford Peace Ship, the American Neutral Conference Committee, the Emergency Peace Federation, and the People’s Council of America.

Chase Osborn papers
Chase Salmon Osborn papers, 1889-1949.

168 linear ft. and 3 v. [outsize]. Photographs. 1 linear ft.
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Author and newspaper editor at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, University
of Michigan regent and Republican governor of Michigan, 1911-1912.
Correspondence, diaries, business papers, scrapbooks, addresses,
manuscripts of books, and miscellaneous papers concerning Republican
politics and business interests; also photographs; correspondents
include most Republican political leaders in Michigan during period; also
correspondence with many prominent Democratic leaders, newspaper
men, educators, writers, businessmen and members of his own family;
includes letters from every President from McKinley to Franklin D.
Roosevelt with those of Theodore Roosevelt of special interest.