Group 2: Elements of Economic Progress

Roy Chapin Papers
Roy Dikeman Cahpin papers, 1886-1937.

32 linear ft. and 7 v. [outsize].
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President of Hudson Motor Car Company and U.S. Secretary of Commerce, 1932-1933.
Correspondence, speeches, articles, interviews, business papers, receipts, scrapbooks, photographs, and miscellaneous items of Chapin, his wife, and his biographer, John C. Long, concerning family matters, highway transportation, the automobile industry, general economic conditions, foreign trade, World War I, national defense, state and national politics, the Republican Party, and the University of Michigan; also extensive papers concerning the Hudson Motor Car Company, including information on management policies, production, and labor organizing.

Henry B. Joy Papers
Henry Bourne Joy papers, 1883-1937.

19 linear ft., 2 oversize folders, and 2 oversize v.
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President of the Packard Motor Company.
Correspondence concerning his business activities in Detroit, Michigan, his support of the Lincoln Highway Association, his campaign against the Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition), and his interest in the Federal Council of Churches; also business letter books, 1888-1892, and 1902-1903; photograph album, 1915, concerning automobile trip from Detroit to San Francisco; scrapbooks, 1883-1937, containing newspaper clippings and articles relating to the development of the automobile industry, national economic affairs and Republican politics; and collection of printed pamphlets and newsletters, 1927-1936, of conservative individuals and organizations.

Ferry Family Papers (Dexter Ferry)
Ferry family (Dexter Ferry) papers, 1758-1989.

23.5 linear ft. (25 boxes) and 7 oversize volumes.
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RDetroit, Michigan family active in business, civic, and philanthropic
Biographical and genealogical papers; files relating to business and real estate interests, notably the Ferry Seed Company (later Ferry-Morse Seed Company), and the National Pin Company; files relating to family’s Republican Party activities, especially Dexter M. Ferry’s 1900 Michigan gubernatorial campaign, and the work of Dexter M. Ferry as
member of the Michigan House of Representatives, 1901-1904; and papers detailing numerous family philanthropic concerns, mainly with the Detroit Institute of Art.

William Weber Papers
William Christian Weber papers, 1858-1940.

28 linear ft. (30 boxes), 15 v. and 15 folders [outsize].
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Detroit, Michigan businessman and civic leader.
Business correspondence relating to Weber’s activities as a dealer in timber lands, his role as a member of the Art Commission in the development of Detroit, Michigan’s Cultural Center, his involvement in the construction of the Detroit-Windsor bridge and tunnel and his activities during World War I; and correspondence and class notes of
his sons, Harry B. and Erwin W. Weber, while attending University of Michigan; also photographs and maps.

C.W. Post Papers
Post family papers, 1882-1973.

56.5 linear ft. and 77 v.
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Battle Creek, Michigan and Washington, D. C. family.
Papers of businessman and food processor, C. W. Post, largely relating to labor-management relations, unionism, the Post Company, currency reform, advertising, and matters of food and hygiene; and papers, photographs, and sound recordings of his daughter, Marjorie Merriweather Post, General Foods executive and philanthropist, relating to social activities and engagements, philanthropies, and the maintenance and preservation of her homes and other possessions.

Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturers Papers
Furniture Manufacturers Association of Grand Rapids records,

2 reels microfilm: positive and negative.
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Grand Rapids, Michigan, manufacturers association.
Constitutions and by-laws, and minutes of meetings.

Henry Carter Adams Papers
Henry Carter Adams papers, 1892-1929..

1 linear ft. and 1 oversize folder.
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Professor of naval architecture and marine engineering, University of Michigan.
Family correspondence, and printed material, 1927-1929, concerning the safety of life at sea.

William Mershon Papers
William Butts Mershon papers, 1848-1943.

47 linear ft.
Saginaw, Michigan, lumberman and businessman, and Michigan State
Tax Commissioner, 1912.
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Correspondence concerning Michigan wildlife conservation, Michigan Sportmen’s Association, Michigan Manufacturer’s Association, Michigan State Tax Commission, Michigan politics, the Democratic Party, personal business investments, lumbering and mining interests, and personal affairs; four volumes of diaries and a book of notes on hunting and fishing trips, and volumes of business records, including cash books, time books, ledgers, journals, and other business volumes covering his personal accounts, investments, and lumbering business; also photographs.

Walter Drew Papers
Walter Drew papers, 1900-1961.

36 linear ft. and 4 oversize volumes.
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Lawyer, executive with the National Erector’s Association, and counsel
for the open shop department of the National Association of Manufacturers.
Topical files relating to his involvement with labor-management court cases, notably the cases involving the International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers and the Pennsylvania Railroad case; and his support of the open shop and his general opposition to organized labor; also papers concerning the Remington-Rand strike of
1936, the career of James Emery, NAM spokesman, and of the Iron League of Pennsylvania; and photographs.

Horatio Sawyer Earle Papers
Horatio S. Earle diaries, 1870-1934.

1 linear ft. (51 v.).
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Detroit, Michigan, salesman, president of the Earle Equipment Company
and Michigan State Highway Commissioner.
Descriptions of farm and road equipment sales, the good roads
movement, the League of American Wheelmen, and Michigan politics,
including the 1912 election.

Lincoln Highway Papers
Lincoln Highway Association archive, 1912-1939.

4 linear ft.
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Association was formed in 1913 by Carl G. Fisher (President of the Prest-O-Lite Co., founder of the Indianapolis Speedway), along with Frank A. Seiberling (President of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.) and Henry B. Joy (President of Packard Motor Co.), in Indianapolis, Indiana, and later, Detroit, Michigan. The organization was made up of
representatives from the automobile, tire, and cement industries, with the goal of planning, funding, constructing, and promoting the first transcontinental highway in North America. The route, consisting of both existing and newly-built roads following the most direct route possible, ran from New York to San Francisco, covering approximately 3,400 miles. The Detroit office closed in 1928.
Collection contains: materials from the central office in Detroit, Michigan, dating from 1912 up through the late 1930s; includes correspondence, manuscript trip logs, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, reports, contracts, membership sales and subscriptions records, planning documents, financial statements, press releases, publications, guides, including the 1928 logbook of Lincoln Highway markers, and strip maps; a set of 6 drawings by noted landscape architect Jens Jensen for the Indiana “Ideal Section”; and 2,809 photographs taken by Association board members and field secretaries of the Highway, including views of construction underway, records of reconnaissance trips, tourists, cities and towns, markers, bridges, cars, camp sites, scenic views, and portraits of Association members and various businessmen and government officials.
Located at the Special Collections Library

James B. Angell Papers
James Burrill Angell papers, 1845-1916.

14 linear ft. and 1 item [outsize]. Photographs. 1 linear ft.
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President of the University of Michigan, minister to China and Turkey.
Correspondence, speeches, manuscripts of articles, diaries, newspaper clippings, and miscellanea relating to his work as university president at Michigan and the University of Vermont, his diplomatic work in China and Turkey, and his activities as member of the United States Fisheries and Deep Waterways Commissions.

Gilchrist Family Papers
Gilchrist family papers, 1867-1945.

7 linear ft.
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Alpena, Michigan, family. Correspondence, letterpress books, financial papers, and other material largely relating to the family’s business enterprises in lumbering, sugar manufacturing, ferry and excursion lines, mining, and banking; contain record of business affairs in Alpena, Michigan, and other areas of northern Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oregon, and Mississippi; family members represented in the collection include Frank W. Gilchrist and two of his sons, Frank R. and Ralph Gilchrist, also members of related Fletcher and Potter families.

Arthur Tuttle Papers
Arthur J. Tuttle papers, 1888-1944 (bulk 1888-1944)

108 linear ft. Photographs. 1 linear ft.
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U.S. District Court Judge, Eastern District of Michigan.
Case files, personal and professional correspondence, scrapbooks, University of Michigan student notebooks, and other materials concerning legal activities, Republican Party politics, prohibition, the election of 1924, Sigma Alpha Epsilon affairs; also family materials, including grandfather, John J. Tuttle, Leslie, Michigan, Ingham County official and businessman; and photographs.