Group 3: Ideas and foundations for Economic, Political,and Social Change

Thomas Cooley Papers
Thomas McIntyre Cooley papers, 1850-1898.

8 linear ft. and 1 v. [outsize].
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Professor of Law and American History at the University of Michigan;
Michigan Supreme Court Justice; and chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Correspondence, notes, addresses, lectures, diaries, relating primarily to his publications, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the University of Michigan, state and national politics, American history, constitutional questions, lecture engagements, and personal and family affairs; and photographs.

Eliza Sunderland Papers
Eliza Jane Read Sunderland papers, 1865-1910.

4 linear ft.
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Lecturer, educator, author and advocate of women’s rights from Ann
Arbor, Michigan.
Correspondence, articles, lectures, sermons, and University of
Michigan student notebooks with notes on the lectures of John Dewey,
Henry C. Adams, Fred N. Scott, and James H. Tufts.

C.S.Smith Papers
Charles S. Smith papers, [ca. 1875]-1923.

4 linear ft.
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Teacher and bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.)
Correspondence, sermons, speeches, photographs, articles, manuscript history of the A.M.E. Church, and printed material; include material relating to church activities, to his visits to Africa, the settlement of Liberia by American blacks, the education of blacks and related topics; and scattered papers of his wife Christine Shoecraft
Smith, and their son, Charles S. Smith, Jr., concerning his World War I activities.

Jabez Sunderland Papers
Jabez Thomas Sunderland papers, 1868-1936.

47 linear ft. and 1 oversize folder.
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Unitarian minister, anti-imperialist, and advocate of independence for India.
Extensive professional and family correspondence, diaries, sermons, manuscripts of books and articles, research notes, topical file on India, printed material, newspaper clippings, and miscellanea; also papers concerning his career first as a Baptist minister, later a Unitarian minister in Ann Arbor, Michigan and elsewhere, including his
involvement in the Western Unitarian Conference.

Charles Horton Cooley Papers
Charles Horton Cooley papers, 1872-1930.
6.4 linear ft. and 1 folder outsize.
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Professor of sociology at University of Michigan.
Correspondence, including letters, 1881-1884, written to his family while traveling in Europe, and correspondence with his parents, Mary E. and Thomas M. Cooley, and his wife, Elsie Jones Cooley; addresses, notes, essays, book reviews, notes and material for sociology courses; student notebook, 1893-1894, on lectures given by John Dewey; diary of a trip through the Smokey Mountains in 1883; and journals detailing his personal thoughts and tracing the evolution of his ideas on sociology and democracy; and photographs.

Alexander Winchell Papers
Alexander Winchell papers, 1833-1891.

23.2 linear ft. and 1 outsize folder.
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Professor of geology and paleontology at the University of Michigan,
director of the Michigan Geological Survey, chancellor of Syracuse University, and popular lecturer and writer on scientific topics. Correspondence, diaries, field notes, drafts of publications and lectures, poems, reference files, scrapbooks, and visual materials relating to his research and writing in the fields of geology, paleontology, evolutionary biology, and other fields of natural history, and to his career as educator and state geologist.

John Harvey Kellogg Papers
John Harvey Kellogg papers, 1869-1965.

19.3 linear ft.
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Battle Creek, Michigan physician, food scientist, founder of the Battle
Creek Sanitarium.
Correspondence, student notebooks from University of Michigan and
Bellevue Hospital, drafts of speeches and lecture notes, newspaper
clippings and scrapbooks, and topical files; include material concerning
medical theories and practices, especially matters of diet and hygiene,
his work with organizations such as the National Vitality League, Race
Betterment Foundation, Battle Creek Three Quarter Century Club,
Chicago Workingmen’s Home and Medical Mission, and Seventh-Day
Adventists; also photographs.

Frank Manny Papers
Frank Addison Manny papers, 1890-1955.
6 linear ft.
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Progressive educator at Grand Rapids, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, and
Boxford, Massachusetts.
Correspondence, 1890-1953, largely concerning the progressive education movement, including extensive correspondence with John Dewey; journal, 1922-1950, diary, 1932-1934 and 1937, articles, newspaper clippings, and a memorial address, June 25, 1955, by Rolland Emerson Wolfe in tribute to Manny and his wife, Annette; also photographs.

Fred Newton Scott Papers
Fred Newton Scott papers, 1882-1931.

3 linear ft.
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Professor of rhetoric and journalism at University of Michigan.
Correspondence concerning his professional activities, particularly his interest in linguistics and English language and speech, and papers, 1917-1918, concerning war issues course at the University, manuscripts of articles and speeches, diary, 1903-1909, day-books, 1903-1922, and miscellaneous notebooks and journals; also photographs.