Gabii Project 2018 Finds School

The Gabii Project offers a Finds School for students interested in gaining an in depth knowledge of archaeological artifacts in pre-Roman and Roman central Italy. Though no prior knowledge is expected, individuals who have prior excavation experience (at the Gabii Project or elsewhere) are highly encouraged in order to deepen their knowledge of the materials one typically excavates.

Students will spend the first three weeks at Gabii excavating on site with the other Gabii Project volunteers but for the final two weeks of the excavation, they will work in the finds laboratory focusing on archaeological artifacts. Beyond basic sorting and typology of central Italian pottery, they will also practice:

-identification of non-ceramic objects (material and form)
-archaeological drawing (pottery and other objects)
-artifact photography
-technical measurement; methods for study
-artifact record keeping (in the Gabii ARK and programs like Filemaker and Excel)
-using archaeological publications to study in-hand materials
-integration of artifacts with excavation data

Students will also produce a short final project focusing on one particular class of artifacts (e.g. glass, graffiti, bone implements, figurines).

In order to apply, please check the appropriate box in the online application form.

For more information on the Finds School, please contact Dr. Laura Banducci by email (